Real estate is more than bricks and mortar and cost-per square foot.

It is one of corporate America’s richest assets.

Helping to turn these assets into more productive profit centers is one of the crucial roles performed by Joseph P. Day Realty Corporation.

The creative redeployment of real estate assests is one of the things we do best.

The creative redeployment of real estate assests is one of the things we do best.

We call it Real Estate Econometrics. It is quite different from the ordinary consulting services performed by others.

Instead of merely telling a client what’s wrong, we seek to find imaginative, creative and often unexpected alternatives to asset management.

We then set out to implement these solutions. . . to design a course of action. . . a step-by-step, detailed plan to transform the property or space into a more powerful profit source.

Consultants deliver a quantitative analysis of the property and its apparent market. They will define that market, analyze absorption rates, and provide pro forma projections. And then they go home.

For us, this is the only the beginning. Our qualitative analysis broadens the scope to include all potential markets, defines new methods of market penetration and uncovers the most logical end users.

We accomplish this by a variety of means: devising alternate uses, creating feasibility models; re-directing the marketing program; creative refinancing; proposing physical alterations, etc.

Our analysis expands the asset beyond the status quo. It seeks new more imaginative methods of asset enhancement.

It is not a service performed in the air-conditioned comfort of our home office. It is an on-site, action-oriented technique for uncovering hidden, underlying values. It is the ability to orchestrate greater performance.

We are one of the few firms equipped in analyzing the liquidation value of real estate assets within specified time frames, and preparing appropriate financial summaries to support that evaluation.

Perhaps most important, we are in a unique position to provide objective, unbiased counsel. We supplement, reinforce and add strength to in-house real estate departments. We bring to bear a disciplined yet fresh third party perspective unencumbered by corporate policy.